When we say Rab, we have in mind the whole island, its 93.6 square kilometers and the localities of Lopar, Mundanija, Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Palit, Banjol, Barbat . . . but the crown of it all is its most beautiful place, which has also given its name to the island, the town of Rab - the closely huddled Mediterranean urban complex which once reminded a literarily-minded visitor of a large white ship, swinging at anchor in the port, with four masts - the four tall belfries of Rab. On the other hand, the buildings which have sprung up out­side the historical centre make up the new Rab, a modern vision of its present and future. Traces of its recent, painful and glorious past, are present both in old and new Rab - for this area, too, like all of the country, witnessed the decisive moments of the National Liberation War and eventual victory, the suffering during the occupation and the mass participa­tion of the islanders in the partisan units.

Welcome to island Rab

Rab is linked to the mainland with good road-ferryboat connections.
To the south, ferryboats on the route Mišnjak - Jablanac (a place 105 km. far from Rijeka) ply 8-20 times a day (even more frequently, if necessary) during the whole year. The journey lasts 15 minutes. From Jablanac roads branch off towards Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana and Trieste...
The stormy past and different historical periods have all left their traces here, in the numerous buildings of great value which are carefully looked after. The alternation of rulers and powers also produced different architectural vestiges.


Barbat / Banjol - Barbat is the first place along a stretch of approximately 10km of sandy beaches which continues, with no visible boundary, into Banjol. Both towns offer quality apartments and rooms, marinas and winter docks, as well as restaurants. Banjol has two bays. The Hotel Padova is located in the bay of Prva Padova, while in Treća Padova there is a camp site.  Banjol ends at the entrance to the town harbour, which has a yacht port open to mariners right up until autumn. appartments >>

Palit / Kampor - The road from the Old Town runs for 7km through Palit and then continues through Kampor, which ends in a beautiful sandy beach. Both towns have plenty of accommodation available in family houses.  Kampor includes the Kalifront peninsula, with its hotel complex Suha Punta, and beachside hotels, Eva, Carolina and Bungalows. . appartments >>

Mundanije / Supetarska Draga - Mundanije is situated in a fertile valley of the island and is the only place on the island which is not by the sea. The road from Mundanije continues towards Supetarska Draga, a large bay, with 3 small islands, particularly attractive for families.. appartments >>

Lopar and San Marino - the northernmost and most distant points from the town of Rab on the island (13 km). Lopar is a well-known destination - a natural phenomenon with its 22 sandy beaches. One of these, the famous Rajska plaža, is more than 1.5km long and is adjoined by the San Marino camp site. After this comes the San Marino hotel complex, as well as a sports and leisure centre, with facilities for various types of sport, tennis courts and night-clubs. appartments >>

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