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   Appartments Natalija Karlić

The Karlic family house is situated on a pittoresque spot of the northern part of the island. It is a 100m near the sea with a beautiful view of the cove. A long tourism tradition, friendly hosts, a beautiful surrounding with a terrace and a garden grill and comfortable appartments will make your vacation unforgettable. You can use two appartments, situated on the first floor, each with the surface of 55m2.

  • Appartment no. 1.
    (4-5 people), a kitchen with a dining room, two double rooms with one extra bed, a bathroom, a balcony (55m2).
  • Appartment no. 2.
    (4-5 people), a kitchen with a dining room, two double rooms with one extra bed, a bathroom, a balcony (55m2).

Near the house, only a 100m far, there are: a few restaurants and pizzerias, a shop, tourists agencies, a derrick, a tennis court (30m), diving centres (150m), a beautiful sandy beach (100m).

Extra services:
- Coffee machine
- Terrace with a garden grill and shower
- A parking lot
- A berth
- A possibility of purchasing home-made wine and vegetables.

Natalija Karlić
Kampor 342 , 51280 Rab Croatia
E-mail: ivan.karlic@ri.htnet.hr
Tel.: ++385 (0)51 776 399

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